Kitchen Remodeling 101 ( Property)

Kitchen Remodeling 101 ( Property)

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1 Choose the appliances. 2 Decide weather you want to move any of the electrical,plumbing,lighting. 3 Decide if you want more natural light.  4 Counter top and backslash material.  5 Measure your kitchen noting sinks windows, refrigerators,stoves. 6 Decide on cabinet style and color or stain and wall color. 7 Cabinet materials if your budget will allow plywood boxes,hardwood face frames,unredmount drawer guides and accessories  8 Visit your favorite cabinet showroom with this information in hand. 9  A  professional designer and licensed contractor will be important to orginizeing your project.  10 Planning will be the key to a  asuccessful and enjoyable kitchen remodel.

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Native Charlestonian, born and raised on Edgewater Park Charleston SC Worked in the construction industry since I was 10 years old. Started out helping an engineer build seawalls at lake near Monks Corner, Ruscon Heavy Construction,Finish Carpentry with Ross and Edgewood Builders, Edgewater became incorporated in 1988. Our Showroom was built out by myself an a few friends. Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time so we research the best products and professionall install them in house I will personally supervise your job and make the changes needed to make it as close to perfect as humanly possible.

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