Kitchen Cabinet Installation. 843 225 6263

Kitchen Cabinet Installation. 843 225 6263

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Tools you will need tape measure preferably 25′ 1″ blade, framing square, 2′ level, 4′ level,small speed square, hammer 13 oz., Phillips screw driver, 2 quick release  cabinet clamps, 7 1/4″ skill saw, miter-box electric 10″, small compass, pencils, 1 helper preferably some one who has some interior finish-work experience minimum. Now first thing to do is label all the cabinets according to the plan you got from professional cabinet dealer if you tell them you will be installing the cabinets yourself they will help you with this. Inspect the cabinets as soon as possible for defects and report this by email back to dealer so new ones can be reordered.Next Check the level of the floor and find the highest spot start as close to this pint as possible all other cabinets will be lower so you can shim them up.Starting in the corner will be best then work your way out. if there are spaces for refrigerators,dishwashers,stoves, exc. Cut spacer blocks out of 1×2 spruce the size of the appliances recommended rough opening and tape in place . Leveling your cabinets as you go and fastening your cabinets together will take a little patience if you turn your shim parallel to the cabinet side when you install the next cabinet it will set on that shim also.Finding the studs or blocking in the wall will be critical you must locate each fastening point with a nail find the middle of the stud don’t skip this step. Connecting your cabinets together will be simple if you use a cordless drill and borrow a second one from your neighbor if possible. Use some star drive screws purchased from your cabinet dealer he will know exactly what you need there will be a bit in every box.Clamp each box to the next one with Quick Grip clamps and running your finger over the surface will allow you to flush the surfaces together squeezing the clamps to hold the cabinets in place. Pressure on the drill will be critical you will need to purchase a countersink bit especially designed for the screws you will be using. pre-drilling each hole to 80% of the screws length will keep the cabinets from sliding when the screws go in. Now level the face-frame after removing the door or drawers make sure to mark them or replace them before you move on to the next cabinet. Level the top of the cabinet and screw to wall with screws that penetrate int the studs at least 2″.You will now need to mark a line on the wall appropriately 18″ plus the thickness of the counter-top 3/4-2″, 18 3/4 to 20″. Using a 12′ long piece of clear 1/2″ plastic house filled with water called a water level mark each wall moving left to right preferably. pick out some straight 2×4’s at the lumber yard fasten to wall with 3″screws. place a 1/2 sheet of 3/4 plywood on the top of the base cabinets. Build some 18-20″ cabinet jacks and set them atop the plywood  to catch the sides of your wall cabinets repeat the process for leveling the face-frames and screwing them together.Remember taking the shelves out and the doors off will make life a lot easer. This is the property of Magnus Shier of Edgewater Kitchens Charleston SC and intended to help our customers install their  own cabinets to save money during these trying times. This is  considered the intellectual property of Magnus Shier.Enjoy and give credit where credit is due.Thank you Magnus.

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Native Charlestonian, born and raised on Edgewater Park Charleston SC Worked in the construction industry since I was 10 years old. Started out helping an engineer build seawalls at lake near Monks Corner, Ruscon Heavy Construction,Finish Carpentry with Ross and Edgewood Builders, Edgewater became incorporated in 1988. Our Showroom was built out by myself an a few friends. Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time so we research the best products and professionall install them in house I will personally supervise your job and make the changes needed to make it as close to perfect as humanly possible.

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