Costal Construction Best Practices

Costal Construction Best Practices

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The southeast coast is a great place to build a new home. Wood pilings are preferred 3 to 12 feet off the ground is best. Pouring the concrete around the pilings can be done with proper preparation, expansion material will need to be placed around pilings after you drill a 3/4 hole in the center of the piling. Coat the bolt with roofing tar and apply a generous amount to the hole and insert the bolt, 8″-12″ of the bolt must stick out each side at a minimum. The best solution is 3/4 rods joining all piling will be the best solution.Structurally engineered lumber is most stable, Trusts for the floor will eliminate the need to drill through the framing. Wall framing with 2×6 wall studs will allow for better insulation which saves money down the road. Checking with local electric utilities for best envelope practices can save you money on the electric bill. The Central HVAC should be located in the building envelope. New heat pumps for hot water will produce AC, a great idea is to vent to your elevator shaft to create a foyer effect saving even more money. Mud rooms with air tight door will also create the foyer effect. Outdoor Kitchens are also a geat way to enjoy the fresh air and save on AC cost. Shade trees will need to be planted to keep as much of the sun off the roof as possible. The attic should be a conditioned space with a minimum of 1/2 flooring for storage. The roof materials metal roofing with airspace for convection from eave to ridge air to air exchange, lighter colors with the Energy Star Rating will get you a tax break. Water Filtration with the new Vortex technology will help eliminate harmful Chemicals and carcinogens in the water.Grey water systems are best if considered before construction is begun.

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Native Charlestonian, born and raised on Edgewater Park Charleston SC Worked in the construction industry since I was 10 years old. Started out helping an engineer build seawalls at lake near Monks Corner, Ruscon Heavy Construction,Finish Carpentry with Ross and Edgewood Builders, Edgewater became incorporated in 1988. Our Showroom was built out by myself an a few friends. Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time so we research the best products and professionall install them in house I will personally supervise your job and make the changes needed to make it as close to perfect as humanly possible.

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    Building a home is a joyful experience be prepared for some surprises along the way. Weekly meetings to discuss progress and changes will be necessary. Research before construction is important, the customer will need to understand it takes more time to build a great home than they think, always add an extra month or two just to be safe.

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